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MAPEX is consolidating its position as a leading company in the industrial computer services sector, with standard applications for the control of all information at industrial plants, with the hardware and communications necessary for automatic data capture.

The division was founded in 1999, and since then its progress has been very substantial, increasing the volume of its billing each year, and leading the group’s technological unit. For more information about our corporation, click on OUR GROUP menu. 

If you are a distributor, integrator or consultant, we offer you an opportunity to collaborate with us in a variety of ways :

If you wish to provide our solutions to your clients, MAPEX will give you all the support and sales training regarding our products, as well as special rates and distribution prices. 

If you are an engineering firms or a software company with a higher technological level, you may be interested in implementing our solutions. In this case, MAPEX will give you technical and sales support to install and configure our tools. You will also get special rates and integrator prices.

For those companies that have tools or software solutions complementary to ours, we offer an opportunity to create synergies to provide integrated solutions for clients in different settings.




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