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Mapex Quality Manager


We would like to introduce you to the new version of the QUALITY and TRACEABILITY MANAGER works with the new MapexBusinessPlatform, the comprehensive Quality management system that allows you to have reliable, swift and complete control of all information in your quality department, as well as to improve control of traceability in the productive process.

Eliminate all quality control paperwork: workers can enter auto-controls (measures, weights, temperatures) into the system with assistance to minimize errors, and all manual controls. 
Data coming from automatic measuring systems (temperature sensors, scales, etc), can be connected to the computer system.

The QUALITY and TRACEABILITY MANAGER is one of the components of the MapexBusinessPlatformsuite that makes it possible to control, manage and analyze quality data swiftly and effectively.


This module of the suite allows you to integrate all quality information with production information (workers, WO, operations, machines, etc.). In this way, it is possible to conduct complete analyses relating quality problems and defects with machines, products and workers.


The merging of Quality and Production information makes it possible to automatically calculate the O.E.E. (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).


The entire environment has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it possible to visualize both at the plant and in the office in real time, the tracking of all controls to allow for rapid response. In addition, it includes a powerful tool for the creation of reports that can be customized by the user with integrated report designer.


  • Easy management of quality levels and worker self-monitoring.
  • Traceability by batch of raw materials and finished products, with direct and inverse traceability.
  • Traceability by equipment (moulds, dies, tools, etc.) used for manufacturing.
  • Management of notices to workers on controls not carried out or not within margins of acceptability.
  • SPC Control of values. Automatic calculation of Cp and Cpk, to facilitate and expedite follow-up and implementation of 6sigma.
  • Management of shortfalls and defects (type and number).
  • Pre-defined analysis screens (XR graphics, statistics, histograms, Pareto charts) to facilitate the study and analysis of data in the most customary fashion.
  • Management of calibration.
    Graphs (P,N,U) for implementation of TQM (Total Quality Management).
  • Document management at the plant (manuals, procedures, instructions, and photos).
  • Possibility of automatic quality data capture from machines (process values, computerized vision, etc.) or from measuring devices with communications.

MapexQM is made up of 4 components (Traceability Control, Control of Defects, SPC Statistical Process Control, and Self-monitoring Plan)


These components make it possible to effectively manage most tasks of the quality department at your company. Each one of the components consists of:



  • Plant interface that allows for entry and querying of data by workers (through touch screens or standard workstations).
  • Office interface from which reports and analyses can be generated based on data captured at the plant, with one of the most powerful tools on the market.

SPC statistics

  • With the traceability component an historical summary listing lots of raw materials and equipment used can be generated for each one of the outgoing batches produced.
  • Incoming batches can be entered manually by workers or automatically via a bar-code reader RFID.
  • With the traceability component and a compatible printer, labels can be generated (EAN128, code39,...) with the information of the outgoing lots.
  • With master control of equipment and batches it is possible to check the hours of use and consumption for each one of the batches and equipment in the plant.
  • It is also possible to plan batches and equipment for each one of the WO’s.

Weight capture

  • The management component for defects makes it possible to control and analyze shortfalls: P Graph (Percentage of shortfalls), PN Graph (Number of defective units), C Graph (Number of defects in one given sample).
  • The type of the shortfall can be captured automatically by the machine or reported manually by workers from plant terminals.
  • The integration of the module with MapexBP makes it possible to carry out studies of shortfalls by finished product, production batches, WO, worker, machinery, etc.

  • The SPC component makes it possible to carry out different kinds of statistical calculations in real time based on data input by the worker or captured directly by machines.
  • XR graphs clearly show the breakdown of the average and deviation for data entered in real time, allowing for appropriate (and timely) correction to remain within safe limits so as to prevent shortfalls.
  • This component automatically calculates parameters of typical deviation, averages, Cp and Cpk of samples entered, making it possible to visualize and compare results from the plant and the office.
  • Graphs and lists facilitate implementation of 6sigma.


  • The Autocontrol Plan component is the tool used to allow for the input of quality controls in an orderly and clear fashion.
  • It provides a clear indication of the calibre and nominal ranges that are to be used in the application of the control.
  • Through a simple colour code, the correct controls, incorrect controls (outside the configured margins) and those not executed are indicated.
  • Data are entered manually by workers or with an automatic connection to the machine. It also allows for the connection to measuring devices with a communications output.
  • The quality control plan is configured for each manufacturing phase and the modification of values and parameters is simple.
  • Integration with MapexBP makes it possible to carry out studies of these quality records for WO's, production batches, workers, machines, etc.

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